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After spending 13 years working in the Television Industry where I managed the diaries, careers & lives of over 130 freelancers...I decided it was time for a new era to begin. My name is Marlen Tallett & I am a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. My office is in Market Harborough but you can be based anywhere in the UK!

My experience thus far has taught me how to manage my time effectively, be self motivated, work well under pressure & feel immense pride over helping others achieve their goals & dreams.  I am highly organised, very loyal, adaptabletenacious & dependable. Most of all I am passionate about helping & supporting people


Now let's talk about you:


  • Does your TO-DO List seem to get longer & longer?

  • Do you find yourself wishing there were more minutes in an hour, hours in a day & days in a week?

  • Does the administrative side of running your life (both work & personal) get you down?

  • Maybe you hate having to arrange meetings, book travel or find the best deal on hotels? 

  • Do you feel lost when it comes to organising purchase orders, invoices & reconciling remittance advices?

  • Would your business benefit from an increased social media presence but you do not know where to start? 

  • Have you started to lose sight of what it is you love about your work?

  • Are you spending valuable time doing work that does not bring in any additional profit? 

If you answered YES to even ONE question...then click HERE as it is Time To Deleg8.

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